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Friday, October 17, 2008

Average Joe and Josephine

The area that I am living in now is called Vista Mar.  Yes very close to Vista Del Mar, or Vista Del Vista.  I think at one time this was proposed or someday still might be an area of big nice homes.  Today there are three houses, a new hotel, and there is a small resort about 100 yards down the street.  The swimming pool at the resort is open to the people who are living/staying here in the community.   I am in a duplex. Nothing fancy, just the necessities that are close to my heart, very clean and well air conditioned.  
Outside of my air conditioned lodgings I have tried to stay as average as possible.  Meeting and talking with all that are willing to speak to me.  Shopping at the local grocery store.  Eating from the street when told its safe to eat.(Avoiding Dog and Cat)  Average Joe and Josephi
ne are always a little surprised when I say hello to them, or even more surprised when i give a big smile and come over and shake there hand, and say good day!  Many here have never met or even seen an American. Especially one as "Pink" as me.  A lady asked in the native tongue why I was so "pink"?  
So the pictures that I posted today are just some common average things here in the Philippines or more specifically in Cebu.  I'm not sure if the rest of the country is cooking in a kitchen such as the
 one shown here, but I would bet most are.  The fuel for cooking is wood, many people sell the small bundles of dried wood along the side of the road.  I have not had the opportunity to eat from this kitchen yet, but I do look forward to this 
coming Sunday, where a celebration will take place.  And to all you "foodies" out there, I have heard from many that some of the most delicious food comes out of this kitchen.  Lick your lips.....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Goin on down the road...

The first impressions of the Philippines are that it is Hot, Mo Fo HOT!!!  Today for instance it was 105 degrees.  The other day it was 103.  This is even hot for the locals.  Seeing hats or sunglasses is a rarity here.  These last couple of days people just wrap anything they have around there heads to protect themselves from the sun. In the pic to the let, the little 3-wheeled vehicle is probably the most popular mode of transportation in the Philippines. The Public Market in the background is your center of everything.  Also the place where most transportation comes and goes from.  This picture was taken in the town of Carcar.  Carcar is located on the eastern side of the island of Cebu, about 45 minutes south of Cebu City.  Cebu City is located on the island of Cebu, which is about a one hour flight south of Manila.  Also reached from Manila via ferry boat, which is a 24 hour ride.  We took a ride the other day along the coastal rode, and headed thru a bunch of little towns including Carcar.  You would be so surprised to see where some of the most beautiful resorts are tucked away.  Going to the Philippines and seeing more than just resorts and hotels really shows you how the people live.  To most when first looking at a house that you would think is unlivable, is a functioning working livable residence.  Probably with at least five family members living there.  Five is a low number.  Most families are extended, with a minimum of five children.