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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Paradise Redux

Monday morning Philippine time I will head off with my friend Mira to Club Serena.  It will be our second visit to the Club.  I talked about this place in a previous blog. This time I'm heading to this little piece of paradise with rod, reel, and lures.  I keep closing my eyes, and I can see myself standing in waist deep sea water, warm as bath, the drag on the reel screeching as a Trevally has taken my lure and turned his shoulders,  heading for the place he calls home.  I keep the rod high trying to keep this predator from taking me to the razor sharp coral that will surely mean a quick release.  That screeching drag that only a fisherman knows, makes my heart pound in my chest!  Then the reel stops, I reel hard hoping there is still something there;  reeling, reeling, reeling and that dream is over!! Still I smile from my dream, even without the fish!   Part of the area that I will be fishing is a fish sanctuary. When I was last there the locals were netting fish left and right in front of our beach.  I kicked myself  at the thought of what a fun place it would be to just throw a lure.  Even to not catch anything would still be fun.  
I'll leave this blog without an ending.  So hopefully I can tell you how that fish really fought.  Or how all those fish fought.  
I have reserved the beach house.  It's not really a beach house because it's not on the beach, you have to actually walk ten feet to get to the sand.  But then it's all beach and ocean.  The pool is close, the bar is even closer.  If it sounds nice it is!!