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Monday, October 20, 2008

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The ATM

This is hard to believe!!  I told the driver to pull over at BigFoot Studios, by the ATM.  Bigfoot Studios is described as a premier Film and Television studio in Asia.  I needed cash and this ATM location was in a very secure and nice area.  I went in and took out my money.  The ATM was in a little air conditioned brick vestibule, designed for just one.  I turned and was counting my money as I opened the door, and looked up and a girl with blonde hair was grabbing for the door.  I said "Hello" and smiled.  I listened for an accent.  My first thought was going to be British. Didn't notice anything.  "Do you work here"? I asked.
"What do they do here?"  I asked.
"We make movies and television show."
"What do you do here?"
"I'm a set designer."  
"Where you from?" I asked.  
"LA, what about you? She asked.
"I'm from Buffalo."  I said.  She laughed.  Oh no, what was the reason for that giggle.  Actually this happens to me alot.  I knew what was about to be said.
"I'm from Buffalo."  She said.
Now I laughed.  "Where in Buffalo?"  I asked.
"I was born on Dan Troy."  She said.
"You went to East?"  I asked.
"No I moved to LA before high school, I would have though."
She ran into the ATM machine and i said, "Areverderchi!"
Man that was that the weirdest most surreal thing in the world.  Halfway around the world. Still run into someone you could easily, within three people known her whole family. I left that game back in Buffalo. 

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