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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's like a Frikin Oven Out There

The Heat continues!!  You can be fine sitting in the shade having lunch, but the moment you step into that sun, it feels like your standing next to a vat of molten steel.  Took a long drive north today, up the Eastern Coast of Cebu.  I had read a review when I was home about a German guy who had married a Philly girl and opened a German restaurant.  The place had been in Cebu when I read the article a few months ago but has since moved to a little coastal town called Sogod.  I called to find out directions and how long to get there, and heard what I suspected "without traffic one hour and with, who knows."  Albert the man who answered the phone told me.  
We set out and made it out of Cebu fairly quickly, then started hitting all the little towns.  It turned out the be a beautiful drive.  Beautiful scenery and beautiful views of the water, boats, and just one of those days where everything turned out to be really nice.  When you stop for traffic, or a goat, or sometimes a cow who thought the middle of the road was a great place to lay down, everyone looks.  I'll usually roll my window down to maybe get a picture.  I always smile, and always say hello.  99.9% of people smile back, wave, make there children wave.  All are interested to meet and ask if I'm English.  Meaning English speaking, not British.  
So Borussia Restaurant is set on a little property next to the ocean or sea as they call it here. The name Borussia is a German football team.  The owner is a fanatic from what i heard.  
They have pens with geese, turkeys, ducks and rabbits.  All of which can end up on your plate on any given day.  The owner makes an amazing Bunny stew around Christmas.  " I can't wait."  I said.  
German food is from what I have always thought HEAVY.  Description sounded heavy.  Anticipated heavy, but it was great.  It didn't feel like I was sitting in the middle of the Philippines eati
ng lunch.  I ordered for the three of us to make things easy.  Pork something, German meatball, Rolled beef with cabbage, my friends found it amazing.  When I saw there faces as they opened the menu, it was a Kodak moment.  They have learned to already trust me at least with food, as I have cooked a couple of great meals.  They offered German Chocolate Cake for dessert but I declined for all of us.  The bill was under twenty USA for all.  We walked down to the Sea for a minute while the car was cooling, and off we went back home.
It was a really nice day.  One that you remember. And describe on your blog.  LOL


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