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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Temple On The Mountain

I visited this beautiful Taoist Temple property the other day.  It was perched on the side of a mountain overlooking the sea.   From each individual Temple the view of the surrounding area was just amazing.

All over Cebu and the surrounding areas, business's are guarded by very armed guards.  I mention this, because here in this beautiful, tranquil compound a very armed guard made a very big presence. 
 Most guards are carrying a pistol on 
there waste, but many are carrying a sawed off shot gun with a pistol trigger. Even with the presence of this gun-toting guard, these grounds were still incredibly spiritual.  Once I got back into the car for the drive home I realized to myself that the guard was not there to tell me not to take pictures, but for the real threat that we deal with today in our society. 
When I first stepped through the main gate sparks were flying inside of me with the anticipation of entering this sacred place. Maybe it was just the whole moment of traveling and everything just feeling so good that hit me at that time.  
I remember feeling this way in Costa Rica years ago, when I was on a boat tour through the jungle.  Animals, birds, reptiles were everywhere.  It was a euphoric feeling.  It just felt really right!!
As I went into the big temple, I looked around and tried to take it all in.  I lit a stick of incense and set it in the pot with the other already burnt pieces.  How many dreams, prayers, thoughts had come before me.  I stood in silence as the smoke danced a wild dance, caused by the changing breezes that blew through the temple.

I stared through the rising smoke.  I have read books of Asian religions.  But this was all different.  It was real.  The temples may have only been built within the last forty years, but the ideas, the wisdom, and the presence of something there was no mistake this was very real.  No talking, no photo's just silence, so you can hear your heart beat.  Admire al
l th
is, and take it away, to remember in your own special way.  

Dragons hold a huge presence in the Taoist religion.   Also there were many pools of live turtles.  The turtle has many references in the Taoist religion.  Most that the turtle holds wisdom.  I looked down to  what I thought was just a little overflow of rain water, but it was a little tended to turtle pond.  No bigger than a goldfish bowl.  
There was no explanation to anything, and 
no one to ask.
  But as you continue to think of this most sacred place, even days after your visit it makes sense as to why there is no explanation.  This is a place for reflection,  for thinking, for just sitting, for anything that you want from your time here.  In whatever you believe I don't think there is place that makes a better place to believe.  There are places such as this Taoist Temple that may wake you up from a long sleep, or kick you a little bit, but there is nothing better than just here!!  

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